Revolution Gelato unveils fresh new look and improved recipes at lower pricing

Organic, Plant-Based Brand Revolutionizing Dairy Category with Accessible and Delectable Desserts


ATLANTA, GA -- Revolution Gelato, the award-winning plant-based line of gelato pints and mini gelato pies, is taking their defiantly dairy-free movement to the next level with the launch of a transformed look and richer taste at a lower price point. Through the use of clean and simple organic ingredients, Revolution Gelato is revolutionizing the frozen desserts category. By delivering on the decadent taste and creamy texture of traditional dairy ice cream at an affordable price point, the brand is making it easy for consumers to choose healthier products that are ethically sourced and better for the planet.

“As one of the only plant-based and organic frozen desserts, it’s always been our goal to build a bridge between the dairy and non-dairy categories,” says Revolution Gelato Founder and CEO Jared Olkin. “Having transitioned to a vegan diet many years ago, I used to scour the market for something that truly tasted like the ice cream my mother served at her scoop shop when I was young. It became evident that if I wanted that authentic taste, I would have to make it myself. The brand’s overall revitalization accomplishes my dream of a gelato that is insanely delicious and accessible to all.”

Appealing to ice cream lovers and plant-based enthusiasts alike, Revolution’s refreshed gelato recipes offer exceptional flavor and rich texture. Mega Mint Chip will join the original lineup including Full Throttle Vanilla, French Press Coffee, Majestic Mango and Dark Chocolate

“In true Revolution Gelato spirit, we decided to one-up ourselves on our look as well,” says Revolution Gelato Head of Marketing, Michael Kravit.  “We are entering the next phase of who we are as a brand, which captures the energy behind the plant-based movement as it stands today, and lives up to our name for the future.”

The new design of the pints are street art-inspired and taste-focused. With a prominent X marks the spot on the front and an irreverent "splat against the wall" of the creamy gelato on the back, Revolution Gelato is declaring to consumers that there is more to the brand’s story than meets the eye, and that they have finally discovered perfect pint of plant-based gelato.

“We don’t want to choose between our love of good food and our core values, including health and sustainability. We're leading what it means to be plant-based, because we care about clean organic ingredients being accessible to all, which is why we are thrilled to have been able to reduce the price per package to consumers by 25%, underlining the fact that we never settle for compromise,” adds Olkin.

Through a combination of more efficient ingredient sourcing and updated packaging, pints are now available for $5.99 in stores and $8.49 online (pricing may vary depending on location). 

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Revolution Gelato makes plant-based gelato and mini gelato pies that taste better than dairy using clean, simple ingredients. The vegan brand has won multiple taste awards for its products including “Best Dairy” and “Best Dessert.” Revolution Gelato is available at select retailers in the Eastern US and online. Join the plant-based revolution at Enjoy!