About Us


We make luxurious dairy-free gelato that lets you "have it all"...
a delicious, healthier, planet-friendly dessert.

We believe strongly in the power of the conscientious consumer. Your food dollars matter. What you choose to put in your mouth makes a difference and should meet each of these important criteria.

Our overarching mission and these five factors in our framework influence every decision we make, from ingredients we source to organizations we partner with to plans for how to grow the company.

And since a big part of ethics is transparency, we plan on releasing an annual mission report to show exactly what we've accomplished -- and where we're still short.






Here's what inspires us:

  1. WE LOVE FOOD. It excites us and inspires us; it invades our dreams and fuels lengthy conversations; it promises a smile and it helps us live in the moment. Food connects us, one human to another.

  2. WE HAVE STRONG VALUES. We care deeply about our bodies, our society, and our world.

We don’t want to choose between those things. We want them all. At the same time. No more sacrifice, no more compromise. Not for us, and not for anyone else.

We are part of the growing movement of people fed up with settling – chefs and farmers, journalists and dietitians, parents and students, and people just like you – who are trying to change the status quo.

Gelato is our contribution.






Food has always played a central role in my family, and ice cream in particular.

It started back with my great-great-grandfather, who ran a soda fountain in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC. My great-grandmother and my grandfather both loved ice cream and ate it nearly every night their whole lives, like clockwork. My mom was in the first graduating class of women from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. She trained as a pastry chef but later realized her dream of opening a homemade ice cream store in Chapel Hill, NC. I grew up working in that store alongside my sister Leah, developing our own deep love of great quality ice cream.

Later, inspired by books such as In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, I began to consider the impact of what I was eating beyond taste alone – what was it doing to my body, to our planet, to our society? I started shifting toward a minimally-processed, plant-based diet.

But I had a problem. Back in 2010 I couldn’t find any really good dairy-free ice cream in the stores; everything I tasted ranged from terrible to tolerable. So I started tinkering around in my kitchen. What began as a quest to solve a personal need quickly morphed into obsession, and as I realized how much better my recipe was than anything else out there, into the concept of Revolution Gelato.

I knew that there would be many other people who would benefit from this kind of product. And they wouldn’t have it if I didn’t do something – finally, here was a way I was uniquely able to contribute and make a positive difference.

After years of development and plenty of setbacks, we now have our gelato in regular production and out on the market, where it’s winning hearts, stomachs, and awards.

~ Jared Olkin, Founder






Jared Olkin, Founder & CEO (brother)

Jared creates recipes, develops the business strategy, and oversees sales and marketing efforts. Prior to working full-time on Revolution Gelato, he spent three years as a strategy & operations consultant at Deloitte Consulting.

Favorite flavor: Chocolate Fantasy

Leah Sitkin, VP Retail Operations (sister)

Leah runs our scoop shop and oversees all catering & special events. She brings seven years of experience in food & event catering and as manager at their mother’s ice cream store.

Favorite flavor: Cardamom Kiss

Marcus Budline, Brand Builder

Marcus coordinates our demo program, special events, and digital media, and generally helps keep things running smoothly.

Favorite flavor: Majestic Mango


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