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The Basics: Gelato & Revolution Gelato

What is gelato and how is it different from ice cream?

You'll find as many different answers to this as sources. At its most basic, ice cream in any form is essentially frozen, sweetened, whipped milk/cream. There are just a lot of different approaches in how to get there. So the easiest way to define gelato is as Italian-style ice cream, which is different from American-style ice cream, Turkish-style ice cream, frozen custard, kulfi, sherbet, etc.

Gelato is different from American-style ice cream in some of its typical characteristics, most notably:

  • Higher Density. All ice cream has some amount of air whipped into it, called overrun. It can range from lows of <15% up to 100% in economy brands (i.e., half of each bite is air). You need some overrun to keep it scoopable, and more than that is a matter of preference – and cost. Gelato tends to have the least amount of overrun of all the various forms of ice cream, making for a denser, creamier mouthfeel.
  • Lower Fat. American-style ice cream always has at least 10% fat, with super-premium brands typically having 14-18% or more. Gelato has no set minimum or maximum and there are regional differences, but typically it falls in the 4-10% range.
  • Warmer Temperature. All ice creams have their ideal serving temperature that delivers the perfect balance of texture and flavor. Gelato is usually served at a slightly warmer temperature than American-style ice cream, giving it a softer texture and more pronounced flavor.

How is Revolution Gelato different from normal gelato?

The simple answer is that we use no dairy in our gelato. But there's more to it than that....

When we set out to revolutionize the ice cream shelf, we wanted a fabulous product that we could also feel good about eating. So we decided to put stylistic boundaries aside and just find what worked best. What we ended up with is still closest in style to traditional gelato, but draws on other elements and our own philosophy as well.

To wit, we’ve combined the clean, intense flavor of gelato with the richness and creaminess of super-premium ice cream -- all while using simple, healthier ingredients produced sustainably and with integrity.

(Whew! Sure packed a lot into that sentence. Just like we pack a lot into our gelato...)

Are your products okay for my diet?

All of our gelato is:

  • Dairy free (made on shared equipment)
  • Gluten free (made on shared equipment)
  • Soy free (made on shared equipment)
  • Egg free (made on shared equipment)
  • Vegan
  • All-natural (and meets organic criteria)
  • Kosher pareve (current cert here)

We encourage you to read our ingredient labels (and ingredient labels in general) to determine if Revolution Gelato works for you, and please feel free to contact us if you have more specific questions. We do know our products may be problematic for anyone with the following restrictions:

  • Diabetes (we use cane sugar)
  • Paleo (we use cane sugar)
  • Raw diet (we pasteurize)
  • Nut allergies (we use coconut and cashew in all products)

Additionally, our homemade cones & cookie dough contain gluten.

Is Revolution Gelato healthy?

This is something we’re really passionate about, and a part of the food system we hope to influence. Nutrition is a young science that has made significant progress, but is rife with gaps and misinformation – some innocent (eg., here), some not so innocent (e.g., here). The fact is there is still a lot we simply don’t know or understand, and it’s easy to draw false conclusions about specific foods or nutrients.

So our approach is to look at both traditional diets and the broad body of scientific research and draw general conclusions and trends. With that in mind, we believe the data to date suggest that diets comprising minimally processed, plant-based foods with few added sugars lead to the best health outcomes.

Given that, it would be a stretch to call Revolution Gelato a health food since it does have added sugar (it is dessert!) But it is a healthier option when compared to many other desserts for two reasons:

  1. MORE GOOD: Most of the ingredients we use are organic, minimally processed, have been consumed for thousands of years, and nutrition research points to loads of health benefits
  • Coconut (e.g., here and here)
  • Cashew (e.g., here)
  • Coffee (e.g., here)
  • Essential Oils (e.g., here)
  • LESS BAD: The World Health Organization has recommended limiting sugar to less than 5% of your daily calories (~6 teaspoons or 25 grams in a 2,000 calorie diet). Because we use the minimum amount of sugar (as organic evaporated cane juice) we need to get the right taste and texture, you can enjoy our gelato and still stay within the guidelines. In fact, we use much less sugar than many other brands –- even products you don’t necessarily think of as “dessert”. Here are some comparative examples:

    Are you related to Revolution Doughnuts?

    Nope, it's total coincidence. But we do really like their products and encourage you to try them out if you're in the Atlanta area :)

    Buying our gelato

    Where can I find Revolution Gelato?

    There are a few different ways to buy our gelato:
    • Check out our Locations page for a list of retailers and restaurants that are carrying our products
    • Buy it here on our website
    • Contact us directly if you are a wholesale purchaser or are organizing a special event

    Can I use your gelato at my wedding [or other special event]?

    Absolutely! We can work directly with you or with your primary caterer. Please head on over to our catering page and fill out the form there, or you can have your caterer contact us and we will work with them to get what you need.