The cold, semi soft facts

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Gelato is Italian-style ice cream. Compared to traditional American-style ice cream, it is characterized by being lower fat, lower overrun (i.e., has less air whipped into it), and is served at a warmer temperature.

The simple answer is that we use plants instead of dairy to make our gelato. But there’s more to it than that…

When we set out to revolutionize the ice cream shelf, we wanted a fabulously indulgent product that we could also feel good about eating. 

We’ve captured the clean, intense flavor and creamy texture of traditional gelato - all while using simple, healthier ingredients produced sustainably and with integrity.

There are a few different ways to buy our gelato:

• Check out our Store Locator page for a list of retailers and restaurants near you that are carrying our products 

Buy it here on our website

Contact us directly if you are a wholesale purchaser or are organizing a special event

Everything we make is:

• Vegan & Plant-based

• Dairy-free

• Certified Kosher (look for the OU symbol)

Allergens -- all products are clearly marked in the ingredient panel:

• All of our products contain cashew & coconut

• All of our pies contain wheat

• Our Mega Mint Chip pint contains soy

• Rotating small batch flavors may have additional allergens

• Note, all of our products are made on shared lines that are cleaned & sanitized prior to use.

Additionally, we do know our products may be problematic for anyone with the following restrictions:

• Diabetes (we’ve got sugar)

• Paleo (we use cane sugar)

• Keto (we’ve got carbs)

• Raw diet (we pasteurize)

These are just some of the key considerations on your mind. We encourage you to read our clean ingredient labels to determine if Revolution Gelato works for you, and please feel free to contact us if you have more specific questions.

This is something we’re really passionate about, and a part of the food system we hope to influence. Nutrition is a young science that has made significant progress, but is rife with gaps and misinformation – some innocent (eg., here), some not so innocent (e.g., here). The fact is there is still a lot we humans simply don’t know or understand, and it’s easy to draw false conclusions about specific foods or nutrients.

So our approach is to look at both traditional diets and the broad body of scientific research and draw general conclusions and trends. With that in mind, we believe the data to date suggest strongly that diets comprising minimally processed, plant-based foods with few added sugars lead to the best health outcomes. This is also known as “whole-foods, plant-based”.

Revolution Gelato is 100% plant-based with simple ingredients. Still, it would be a stretch to call it a health food since it does have added sugar (it is dessert!). But it is a healthier option when compared to many other indulgences or even everyday snacks.

There are two considerations here:

When it ships: We ship all of the orders we have received every Monday (with few exceptions). So if you order on a Tuesday, it will ship the following Monday.

How long in transit: Depending on where you are in relation to Atlanta, it will arrive to you between Tuesday and Friday.

Gelato is a delicate product. If it melts even a little bit, the creamy texture we work so hard to create is replaced by iciness. So to get it to your door we put it first in an insulated cooler (much more expensive than a plain shipping box), then layer in dry ice, and then have to pay for the shipping itself -- which is now a lot heavier and bigger than just the gelato. And all that adds up! But, the more you order the more efficient it is for us to send it, which is how we are able to offer free ground shipping for any orders over $100.

Alternatively, if you have a grocery store near you that carries our product, it will almost always be cheaper to buy it there. (And if you don’t, try asking them for it!)

Uh oh. That ain’t right. Rest assured, that is not what you should expect. Our gelato is carefully crafted to be creamy and smooth. It means something went wrong between the time it left our production floor and got to your mouth. Please contact us to make it right.