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Jared comes from a long line of ice cream fanatics. Homemade super-premium dairy ice cream was a daily part of his childhood.

home-made home-made

When Jared decided to move to a plant based lifestyle, he quickly discovered that nothing on the market compared in taste to even run-of-the-mill dairy ice cream!

So he started making it.

Kitchen Kitchen

And found that making plant based ice cream taste great and have clean ingredients isn’t easy…

But he persisted and tried, and tried again...

...until he was able to make the gelato taste as good if not better than the ones he remembered as a kid.


Since then, Revolution Gelato has gone on to compete in taste tests against dairy, and win! And that’s not all -- the team keeps working on making it even better. Now everyone can join Jared in taking part in the Plant-Based Revolution.