Nightcap Sundae with Revolution Gelato

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that Revolution Gelato is my absolute FAV ice cream... Another one of my favorite ways to indulge in Revolution Gelato is with my “Night Cap Sundae.” It starts with a tablespoon of Kahlua in the bottom of a pretty bowl. Then comes a scoop of Revolution Gelato…

It's Never Too Cold For Revolution Gelato

Revolution Gelato may be known for 3 consecutive “Best Dessert” wins at Taste of Atlanta, but our annual event is not the only time you can taste this delicious gelato…

The best part? It’s vegan. And organic. And you’d never know be able to differentiate this brand from its’ dairy-laden counterparts. 

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“Best New Sweet or Dessert”

Revolution Gelato Organic Dairy-Free Gelato

This gelato is so creamy and decadent it is hard to believe it's part of the plant-based revolution. Revolution Gelato founder Jared Olkin was raised in his mother’s homemade ice cream shop, developing the taste for high-quality ice cream, and prioritizes taste in his products. The creaminess comes from a certified organic coconut and cashew base, and is mixed into flavors such as French Press Coffee and Majestic Mango, using sustainable and fairly traded ingredients when possible.

Revolution Gelato Unveils New Look

Revolution Gelato Brand Refresh

ATLANTA — With summer in full swing, Revolution Gelato is shipping its award-winning line of organic dairy-free gelato into a rapidly growing number of retail outlets with a fresh new look. Crafted by Michael Kravit, award-winning packaging designer and former creative director for Honest Tea and Honest Kids, Revolution Gelato’s bold new packaging has already begun hitting store shelves.

Charleston veg fest & weekend adventure

Charleston veg fest & weekend adventure

We then came across one of our favorites from the Asheville Veg Fest, Revolution Gelato! We paired the Cardamom Kissand Nekkid Espresso flavors together and it tasted like an explosion of delicious Turkish coffee – well, the ice cream version. We topped it with caramel and peanuts. That’s right, dairy-free caramel and oh my was it incredible. It’s way more like ice cream than gelato and we were in heaven. It’s definitely one of the best dairy-free (and cruelty-free) ice cream treats that you can find easily at your local Wholefoods!

Review: Revolution Gelato

I am not kidding; this is the best vegan ice cream on the market. Not only is the texture on point, but they have incredible flavors. Who would have ever thought of Cardamom Kiss? Genius! Don't even get me started on Triple Vanilla. These are my two favorite flavors because they pair well with every kind of brownie, fruit, chocolate sauce, etc. I will not top my Great Grandma's Chocolate Fudge Pie and Apple Crisp with any other ice cream.  

Made in Georgia: The Founder of Revolution Gelato: Following a Family Passion for Frozen Treats

Jared Olkin, founder of the dairy-free brand Revolution Gelato, comes by his passion for frozen desserts honestly. There’s a long line of folks in his family who love ice cream and maybe even made a living from it.

“My great-grandfather had a soda fountain in New York.

2016 Expo East Sweets Recap

Revolution Gelato

Gelato is the unicorn of gluten and dairy-free desserts, but luckily Revolution Gelato's vegan creamy dream dessert is totally real. With coconut cream and cashews as the base, this gelato has the decadence you'd expect from the Italian delicacy with no "off" textures or flavors that typically signify non-dairy frozen desserts. The orange cream and vanilla flavors were the standouts. While the gelato was top notch, the passion of the staff really impressed me.

Five Atlanta sweets to beat the summer heat

Five Atlanta sweets to beat the summer heat

Revolution Gelato
Nekkid Espresso
Nondairy desserts are often a poor substitute for their milk-filled contemporaries, but a new treat gives vegans the creamy taste they crave. Revolution Gelato launched at Candler Park Market last July. The company’s award-winning Nekkid Espresso and the Cardamom Kiss, Orange Dream, and Triple Vanilla flavors are now available at 26 stores and restaurants in the Atlanta area.