Places to Visit: Revolution Gelato

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Today, I wanted to introduce you to Revolution Gelato- a local Atlanta shop that makes dairy-free gelato that is delicious, healthier, and plant friendly. If you haven't already heard of them, you've really been missing out!  

I got to go check out their shop in EAV last week and fell in love with their food and concept. A few years ago, I decided to start cutting back on dairy to help clear my skin and cleanse my body. I still occasionally have cheese and ice cream, but other that that I try and stay dairy-free. A problem I come up against a lot, is that it is so hard to find a delicious dairy-free ice cream or gelato. 

Luckily, Revolution Gelato solves this problem! Their gelato really doesn't skimp on flavor, texture, or taste. With their wide range of flavors including Cardamom Kiss, Majestic Mango, Nekkid Espresso, Triple Vanilla, Chocolate Fantasy, and Orange Dream, they have something for everyone. You can visit them at their EAV shop or buy their flavors by the pint from Whole Foods and Earth Fare. 

During my visit, I got to taste Cardamom Kiss, Nekkid Espresso, and Chocolate Fantasy. If you couldn't tell, I am not a fruity ice cream person! I got all three of these delicious flavors topped with caramel sauce and cookie dough, to make an amazing flavor combination!

I promise this tastes even better than it looks (if you can even believe that)! Next time you are in the mood for a dessert, but want something that is still good for your body head down to Revolution Gelato and give some of their amazing flavors a try! I promise you will not be disappointed!